uprising on December 2018


The Iranian uprising on December 28, 2017 was formed and started on the basis of a previously announced call.

Nearly 10,000 people from Mashhad held a major demonstration in front of the city’s municipality building at the Shohada Square in protest to the high prices of eggs and public goods. In matter of days, the uprising, with a stunning speed, took over 142 cities across Iran. The uprising showed that the Iranian society is uptight with an explosive dissatisfaction. It also showed that the rule of the Velayat-e faqih (also known as Islamic Government) is weaker than what it is supposed to be and that the massive amounts of money flooded by the clergy after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action failed to contain the instability of the regime. It also exposed on how the Iranian people despise both sides of the sovereignty and want to overthrow the government’s integrity.

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