Demonstration of truck-drivers in Semnan, Iran in protest of transportation company management

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On Thursday morning, May 17, 2018, the truck-drivers in Semnan province of Iran gathered in a large demonstration in protest against the transfer of the General Directorate of Transportation and Terminals of Semnan Province from the provincial capital to other locations of the province.

The transfer of the main transportation directorate from the capital of Semnan to other locations will only cause trouble and long journeys for the drivers to resolve and handle any administrative problems of truck drivers. They would have to go to a different location for every small issue, and this makes it difficult for them to travel. This has caused truck drivers in this province to gather in protest to demand the authorities to address their affairs.

The problems and protests of truck drivers in Iran have been an issue throughout the past weeks and months, as they have been protesting against various issues that the Iranian government continues to neglect.

On April 25th, fuel truck drivers in Yazd, Iran stopped working and staged a strike in protest of lower fares and high expenses. On April 24th, a group of heavy truck drivers in Ahvaz, Iran gathered at the Ahvaz cargo transportation port in protest to receiving large and unlawful commissions and unjust distributions of cargo. And on April 23rd, truck drivers in Isfahan province and cities of Bandar-e Mahshahr and Bandar-e Khomeyni in the Khuzestan province of Iran, went on strike for a few days in protest of lower fares, lowering the tonnage of trucks and high expenses.

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