Latest update on demonstrators in Kazerun protesting Iranian authorities opening fire on people’s rally

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On Wednesday, May 16th, demonstrators in Kazerun, southern Iran, held a massive protest march chanting against the Iranian governments plan to separate the city.

According to Kazerun’s division plan, two parts of the Chenarshezjan and Nodan are to be separated from the city of Kazerun. These regions with a population of around 45,000 people, will become new townships, which, according to the law, will have to have at least 120,000 people to be considered a township.

In protest to this project, the people of Kazerun say that the identity of the city of Kazerun is Shapur, Imam Zadeh Syed Hossien and the forests of the Barm valley, and this identity should not be lost in the divisions.

On Wednesday morning, the people in Kazerun gathered once again in the city’s Martyrs Square, to resume their protests against the separation plan of Kazerun (in Fars Province, Iran), where the people have been demonstrating all day and are continuing their rally into the night.

According to news from sources inside Iran, authorities have opened fire on protesters and arrested over 100 people, killing at more than three demonstrators, and more than seven protesters, including a woman, have been wounded.

The names of some of the protesters killed by Iranian authorities in Kazerun are: Reza Jokar, Hamid Biyun, Majis Sirous, Bahman Ahmadi, Ali Mohammadi, and Parastu Jokar.

The names of some of the arrested demonstrators in Kazerun are: Mohammad Shafi’i, Mohammad Dehghan, Mehdi Davoudi, Masoud Mokhtarzadeh, Akbar Abbasi, Behnam Yousefian, Hossein Heydari, and Mohammad Rasekhi.

Sources say that gunfire can be heard from roads leading to Enghelab and Hamidi streets as Iranian authorities are firing tear gas & bird shots at the youth and protesters.

Consequently, the protesters in Kazerun, began rallying outside a police station where the detained protesters are said to be held. The people can be heard chanting, “We are waiting for our kids, we’re not going anywhere, we’re staying right here”, demanding the immediate release of the detainees. Sources say the people are taking up arms and angry demonstrators are setting fire to police stations and police vehicles. In videos people are seen throwing stones at police units from their rooftops trying to defend themselves from the police gunshots.

Locals living in nearby Shiraz are planning to go to Kazerun tomorrow to join and support their fellow compatriots.

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