Iranian people chanting “Death to Dictator” as Tehran-Karaj subway suffers technical difficulties

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On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, some technical problems in the Tehran-Karaj subway occurred at 8:50 am local time at the Azadi Stadium and evacuated the passengers.

People began protesting to this incident at the subway location in Tehran, Iran. According to witnesses, the next subway train arrived after 40 minutes.

Mohammadian, director of public relations at the Metro Utility Company, announced that the people were evacuated so the subway could be deployed to the repairs shop.

Regarding the 40-minute delay in sending the next train, he said: “The next train that which had other passengers on it, was not been able to leave its station due to the crowd of passengers from the previous train.”

An Iranian citizen reported: “Today, at 9 am (local time) I got to the subway and it arrived at the Metro Atmosphere. It stood for half an hour, and then they told us the subway is closed and is not responding, and we were there till 10 am. There were two cars and a police engine, but not for the bus. Saying in the green subway, the workers are demonstrating and the entire stations have been ordered to be closed and they left us in the Metro Atmosphere at the same time. Some people, like a protesting loud woman, did not have money to take a taxi or bus to Tehran.”

At 8.30 am, in Golshahr to Sadeghia, as the subway suffered technical difficulties, the passengers on the train began chanting a slogan of “Death to the dictator”.

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