Fishermen in Bushehr, Iran protest against authorities collecting their crates

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On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Iranian government officials collected boutique crates of fishermen in Bushehr at the shores of Jafreh, where they had their place of business and income support for themselves and their families.

Many fish vendors have been selling fish and shrimp in the streets of Bushehr due of the lack of a market for fish and shrimp in some parts of the city.

The old market for fish and shrimp in Bushehr, a port city of aquaculture production, does not meet the standards for supplying such products, so that selling fish has turned into one of the dilemmas of the city’s residents. Veterinarians and health authorities in Bushehr have not yet addressed the health situation in this market. They say they can solve the market’s problem by collecting fishermen’s crates. However, so many people have become unemployed. The fishermen have staged a protest to express their complaint against the current situation.

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