Protest rally of angry plundered investors of Caspian Credit Institute in Rasht, Iran

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On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, a group of looted and angry plundered investors of the Caspian Credit Institute in Rasht, Iran gathered and protested in front of the institute’s branch office demanding the return of their investments.

In recent years, the IRGC, the Judiciary and State Security Force (SSF) have established Caspian Credit Institution, Padideh Shandiz, Alborz Iran (Arman), Pardisban and other institutions in a chain under the pretext of cooperative investment companies and banks in several cities throughout Iran

These institutes have been gathering and lobbying the assets of people from various walks of society. Victims of these plundering and looting have held a protest at various occasions in different cities of Iran demanding their money back.

Angry plundered people have staged several protests in the streets of Rasht and opposite the Caspian branches, protesting against the non-repay of their deposits.

In the protest today, the victims chanted and screamed; “Why do not you return our money back.”

The women who participated in the rally wrote on the walls of the branch: “This corrupt house of Saif has a permit”, and “They have stolen our money, they are lying when they say they’ve returned it.”

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