Merchants from Kerman Grand Bazaar join nationwide bazaar strike in Iran

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On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, expanding the scope of strikes across Iran, the Kerman Grand Bazaar (Great Liberty Market in Kerman, Iran) joined the nationwide strikes of the merchants in various markets of Iran against unstable and rapidly decreasing currency values.

The strike in Kerman is following the strikes in Tehran and Mashhad, which began since last Saturday, protesting Iran’s plunging currency exchanges, low customer turnout in the market and a limbo status regarding the economy’s future.

The 4200 tomans dollar exchange rate, announced by Rouhani and his deputy, is nonexistent, currency exchanges are closed, and the dollar is traded in very limited amounts at more than 8,000 tomans.

This protest movement in Kerman Grand Bazaar and other markets throughout Iran has continued despite threats by the intelligence agents of the Iranian government on many merchants and shopkeepers over their strike and closing their shops.

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