Kermanshah University of Technology students rally and protest privatization policies in Iran

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On Tuesday, May 15, 2015, Kermanshah University of Technology students gathered for the second consecutive day in protest to privatization policies of the Iranian government which include adding tuition for public education, decreasing authorized benefits and inappropriate welfare and educational status.

After the students gathered in the corridors of the university, Ali Akbar Akhtari, the head of the Kermanshah University of Technology, said: “By law, the academic year of students in an masters degree is eight years, equivalent to four years of undergraduate degrees, and students who, during that time, have not been successful to graduate have to pay for their studies.”

Kermanshah University of Technology is one of the public universities in Iran, which started its activities in February 2007 with the aim of training the required human resources of the country, providing various industry needs in the province and the western region, and developing new technologies in various industries.

Currently, 2,000 employed to study students and 52 faculty members work at Kermanshah University of Technology in 2 undergraduate and postgraduate major degrees in the Faculty of Energy and Information Technology.

In the protest on Tuesday, the students also chanted in the university against the Students’ Basij and the Islamic Association of Students and said:
– “We do not want Students’ Basij”
– “We do not want Islamic Association of Students”
– “College students are unemployed, where are we to get the money from?”
– “We demand free education”
– “Officials are busy oppressing us student”

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