Protest rally held once again against Caspian Credit Institute in Ahvaz, Iran

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On Sunday, April 15th, the looted investors of the Caspian Credit institute held a protest rally in front of the Pamchal Branch in Boulevard Sajjad of Tehran, Iran.

The looted and plundered protesters held a large banner, written on it was: “What is behind the Caspian Institution’s permit that no one of the three officials dares to disclose?” and “Resolving the 98% of the problems of depositors of the Caspian Institution, which is being addressed by authorities and the media, is a big lie!”

The protesters demanded the return of their looted deposits.

At the same time, in order to demonstrate their protest, the looted people closed the doors of the branch of Arman Vahdat Credit Institue and smeared mud at the door of the Ahwaz Zaytoon Branch.

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