Massive protests over separation of Kazerun in Iran

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In Monday, April 16, 2018, in a massive demonstration, the people of Kazerun gathered in the main square of the city and protested against the division and separation of some parts of Kazerun. The city’s market was also shut down as well.

The crowd demanded the presence of the Kazerun Governor to come and address their demands and announced that they will gather again tomorrow if their demands are disregarded.

It should be noted that yesterday, on April 15th, a number of people raided the Governorate of Kazeroun and, while chanting slogans against the Iranian authorities, they demanded that want a response to their objections.

It has been several times that people in Kazerun have been protesting against the city’s separation plan over the last few months.

According to Kazerun’s division plan, two parts of the Chenarshezjan and Nodan are to be separated from the city of Kazerun. In protest to this project, the people of Kazerun say that the identity of the city of Kazerun is Shapur, Imam Zadeh Syed Hossien and the forests of the Barm valley, and this identity should not be lost in the divisions. The people of the city also objected to this decision last summer, with a gathering of 1,500 people in the main square of the city, while chanting anti-government slogans. They have held and staged several protests in the past against the division and separation of this region.

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