Continuation of protest rallies against Caspian Credit Institute Looting and plundering in various cities across Iran

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The looted investors of the Caspian Credit Institute gathered on April 16th, 2018 to protest against the looting of their property in the cities of Tehran, Rasht and Ahvaz. A similar gathering was also held in Mashhad on Sunday, April 15th.

In Tehran, the plundered victims of the Caspian Institute gathered in front of the Sattar Khan branch and chanted:
– No more promises, no more chances, only the money of the nation!
– Caspian steals, the government supports it!

In Rasht, a group of citizens who were looted by this institution gathered in front of the branch of the city of Rasht and threw eggs at the institute, while shouting slogans.

In Ahvaz, the looted investors of the financial institutions gathered today in front of the Melal branch and chanted:
– Khoozestani will die but will not accept tyranny
– We will die, we get our money back
– Death to Saif

Also on Sunday, April 215th, looted victims of the Caspian Credit Institute of Mashhad held a protest rally in front of the Pamchal Branch in Sajjad Boulvard.

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