Strike in market and bazaar of Baneh and Javanrud cities in Iran

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On Sunday morning, April 15th, following a call by merchants and businessmen of markets and bazaars in Baneh and Javanrud cities (Kurdistan, Iran), the shop-owners and merchants went on strike to protest against the closure of border gates and rising customs tariffs.

It should be noted that on April 4th this year, merchants and shop-owners from the market repeatedly went on a several day strike to demand a response to their requests, but so far they have not gotten any answers.

The government has completely closed the borders of Baneh, Marivan, Piranhasar and Sardasht in recent months. The closure of the borders, and especially the porters’ pathway borders, has led to a sharp rise in unemployment. According to the representative of the city of Marivan, only 8,000 people have been unemployed in the city, causing a sharp recession among merchants and businesses.

Porters is referred to those who carry goods across the border on their shoulders to earn a living. They are involved in portage mainly in the bordering provinces of Western Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, and Kermanshah.

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