Farmers protest after several consecutive day at Khorasgan Square in Isfahan, as security guards attack and injure protesters

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On Wednesday, April 14, 2018, eastern Isfahan farmers protest against their lack of water rights after several consecutive days at the Khorasgan Square.

The protesters chanted:
– Death to the water seller, the traiter!
– Rouhani, you liar, where is out zayandeh rud?
– A nation has never seen such injustice!
– Tabatabaei, shame on you, leave Isfahan!
– Our enemy is right here, they are lying that it is in America!

A large number of government anti-rebel forces blocked the protesting people’s route on Jay Street, in Isfahan and closed it down with truck-mounted water cannons. Isfahan farmers staged a sit-in at the closed down location.

The Special Unit forces, by firing bullets in the air, intended to disperse the protesting people. They attacked and rushed to the lines of the protesters and beat the farmers who have been peacefully protesting for their water rights.

The people were returning, when the forces of the special unit invaded the line of farmers and even women, with dozens of motorcycles, wood and batons.

So far, two women have been beaten up and 30 young protesters and old farmers have been arrested.

The farmers of Eastern Isfahan had been benefiting from water rights since the time of the Sheikh Baha, but after the continuous drought in Iran, no water rights were allocated to the Varzaneh area for neither spring plantings nor their watering allocated to the autumn plantings. This has led to several mass demonstrations and protests by farmers and people in the Isfahan region.

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