Isfahan farmers gather in protest once again in Khorasgan Square demanding water rights and cancel of rerouting Zayandeh Rud waters in Iran

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On Friday, April 13th, Isfahan farmers gather once again after a number of occasions at the gates of Khorasgan Square and demanded their water rights and the cancellation of rerouting Zayandeh Rud waters in Iran.

The anti-riot and police forces also arrived at the location of protests from 8:45 am local time with 5 buses equipped with truck-mounted water cannons and teargas weapons.

Meanwhile, the number of farmers and people in Isfahan kept increasing by the minute, ignoring the attempts by the anti-riot forces to disperse the demonstrators.

The protest is related to the re-routing of the Zayanderud waters by the Iranian authorities, which has destroyed the regional agriculture.

Yesterday, market and bazaar shop-owners in Isfahan closed their shops in solidarity with the Isfahan farmers’ protests and joined the demonstrations.

The police tried to dissuade the demonstrators from continuing their gatherings and attempted to disperse them with threats.

The farmers of Eastern Isfahan had been benefiting from the water rights since the time of the Sheikh Baha, but after the continuous drought in Iran, no water rights were allocated to the Varzaneh area for neither spring plantings nor their watering allocated to the autumn plantings. This has led to several mass demonstrations and protests by farmers and people in the Isfahan region.

Since the end of February, Isfahan farmers gather and have been protesting and seeking to protest against the cancellation of their water rights, which has led to the elimination of agricultural production and poverty in the region. They have announced that they will not give up their protest until their demands are met.

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