Iran’s Shatur District Farmers Protest Against Lack of Water Rights

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On Friday April, 13th, Shatur District farmers joined the large farmers’ protests and demonstrations in Isfahan, Iran against the lack of water rights.

The protesters shouted slogans against several government officials, and chanted: “Death to four water sales traitors”

In Isfahan, farmers also marched on Jay Street, but anti-riot forces blocked their paths and prevented them from rallying for their water rights. The farmers also booed the police chief who tried to disperse them with threats.

Shatur District is located in between the south to Isfahan-Varzaneh road, east to Qomshān village and west to Sokan village.

Shatur District farmers chanted in their march to the Jay Avenue (near the Erison Crossroad): “Our enemy is right here, they are lying that it is in America”.

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