Major demonstrations of people and farmers at gates of Khorasgan, in Isfahan, Iran

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On Thursday, April 12, 2018, farmers and people in Isfahan started their own major demonstrations with the slogan of “The innocent arrested farmer must be freed”, at the gates of Khorasgan, in Isfahan province of Iran.

During the farmer’s major protests and demonstrations yesterday, around 15 protesters were arrested by anti-riot police forces.

The protest is related to the re-routing of the Zayanderud waters by the Iranian authorities, which has destroyed the regional agriculture.

Meanwhile, the government is stealing the water of Isfahan for its own benefit through an underground water-pump station constructed in Kashan. The station’s employer is the Isfahan Regional Water Organization with a capacity of pumping 3,000 liters per second.

The project is secretly pumped from the underground on Chadegan’s route by large water engines down to Kashan, but the Iranian government is telling the farmers in Isfahan that there is any water and prohibits them from their legitimate water rights and gives them empty promises for providing water in later years.

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