Airport taxi drivers protest against deployment of internet taxis in Yazd, Iran

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On Tuesday morning, February 14, 2018, a group of taxi drivers from Sadoughi Airport in Yazd, Iran set off protests against the Internet taxi deployment at the airport.

One taxi driver at the airport in Yazd said: “We are about 50 people who have been working in taxis at Sadoughi airport in Yazd for about 27 years. Recently, Yazd airport has provided a kiosk to an internet taxi and these taxis have caused a sharp rate reduction in taxis which has led to the downfall of our work.”

Meanwhile, the Interior Minister has banned the use of Internet taxis in the 800-meter range of the airport. The internet taxi policy is an action to bankrupt airport taxi drivers. This is despite the fact that airport taxi rates are determined by the City Council.

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