Protest Rally of workers and contractors in Port of Mahshahr Petrochemical Complex

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The workers and contractors from the Petrochemical Company of the Mahshahr Port, staged a protest gathering on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, for a second day in a row in front of the municipality of Mahshahr Port.

The protest workers chanted:
– It is the day of mourning today, the life of a worker is in the air today

It should be recalled that the workers of the company of terminals and reservoirs of the petrochemical complex of Mahshahr port called for the formation of a trade union in their protest rally on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018. The workers said: There are about 400 employees of the official, corporate and contractor of Mahshahr Port Terminals and Reservoirs of the Petrochemical Company, which due to legal vacuum, can not enjoy all their rights. For example, each month, workers’ salaries are delayed for 10 days, and despite a daily work of more than 10 hours, no one knows exactly how to calculate side benefits.

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