Protest rally of Caspian Credit Institute victims of plundering in Rasht, Iran

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On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, the looted victims of Caspian Credit Institute gathered once again in front of the Governorate of Rasht and then went to the Golsar Branch to stage their protest against the plundering of their assets.

The looted victims chanted the following slogans:
– Rouhani, liar, what happened to that 98%?
– Death to thieves
– The bankrupt state is sitting on our money
– It’s time for mourning today, our money is under the mullah’s turbans today

According to reports, when law enforcement forces prevented the citizens from filming the protest of the looted investors, the looted protesters, who were mostly women, attacked the police and forced them to give back the people’s mobiles.

The plundered victims covered the Caspian office with grubby eggs and tomatoes and burnt oil.

Last week, on February 6, the looted investors of the Caspian Institute in Rasht protested against the looting of their property in front of the institute’s building.

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