Attack of angry drivers to Snapp Office in Kerman, Iran

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On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, the chairman of the union of taxi agencies, along with the members of the board of the union, and a total of 150 drivers of the agency, attacked the Snapp Office in Kerman, Iran and destroyed all the equipment in the protest.

According to reports, the Snapp Office in Kerman was completely destroyed and some of the staff were beaten.

It is necessary to explain that Snapp and TAP30 are two big companies of Internet taxis in Iran. According to reports, the use of taxis in Tehran has increased dramatically and, due to their affordability and lower prices, the business of agencies and ordinary taxis has become a problem. The tax authorities have filed a lawsuit against the two companies because of what they called “cheaper-sales”, but the complaints did not go a long way. Also, several times, tax truck drivers have been protesting against actions by both Snapp and TAP30 companies. In the final days of 2017, taxi drivers gathered in front of the parliament in Tehran, to protest against the activities of the two companies, the Snapp and TAP30. As they called out of the unlawful activities of the two companies, the protesting taxi drivers demanded for the two companies’ activities to be stopped in towns across Tehran.

During the past month, protests by taxi drivers against these two online taxi companies have raised. On Tuesday, February 13, taxi drivers in Qom also protested against Snapp’s taxi service .

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