More protests held by Iranian people in various cites of the country on February 12, 2018

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More protests held by Iranian people in various cites of the country on February 12, 2018

In Kermanshah – On Monday, February 12, municipality officials attacked street vendors in Azadi Square in Kermanshah. The vendors tried to defend themselves by opposing the officials attacks. People went to help the vendors and attacked the municipality officers.

In Karaj – On Monday morning, February 12, landscape workers of the Municipality of Mohammad Shahr in Karaj gathered in protest against the non-payment of six months of their salary and benefits in front of the municipality of this city.

In Tabriz – On Monday morning, February 12, students of the Civil University in Tabriz held a protest rally and demanded the presentation of Azerbaijani-Turkish language and literature courses.
They chanted slogans such as: Rouhani Rouhani, where are your promises?

In Tabriz – On Monday, February 12th, marketers in the city of Osko staged a protest against the increase in tolls by blocking the street.

In Mahshahr – On Monday, February 12th, Bu-Ali petrochemical workers in Mahshahr launched a protest rally. The protesting workers called for the final vote of the labor office, the special economic zone for petrochemicals, and the elimination of discrimination in the payment of salaries.

In Gonbad Tavous – On Monday, February 12, Inche Bourne’s marketers staged a strike by closing their shops in order to show their protest against the situation of their livelihoods and the market.

In Ghaemshahr – During a ceremony on the occasion of the February 11th Iran’s 1979 revolution anniversary, a protesting worker cut off speech of the official speaker at the ceremony and said: “They came in the name of Islam and they are looting and taking things for themselves.”

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