Media protest by radio taxi drivers in Yasuj, Iran

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Radio Taxi drivers in Yasuj, Iran staged a protest for higher commission rights on Monday, February 12, 2018.

The protesting taxi dirvers said that about 1,000 people operate in the radio taxi in Yasuj, which when entering a wireless radio taxi, the contract was completely unilateral and beneficial to the company. One of the terms of the contract was the monthly payment of 180 thousand tomans as a commission. The contract also suggested that the company should discontinue any cooperation in cases of protests.

Drivers have argued that since 2016 a number of drivers made complaints about these companies and managed to reduce the commission to 100 thousand tomans, but by preventing the work of those who complained, the commission again returned to the previous number. This has caused people entering a wireless radio taxi to be expelled, and a driver who has no income other than driving is afraid of making any comment.

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