Workers of Noorplast Company in Qazvin, Iran protest against delayed salaries

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Workers from the NoorPlast plastic production company in Qazvin stopped production on Saturday February 10, in a protest against the delay of their 11 months salary. They demanded authorities to immediately address their problems.

Workers at Qazvin’s NoorPlast Company have previously referred to the Qazvin governorate in protest of their non-receipt of their salary, but did not get any results.

The protesting workers hung up a large banner, which reads:
“We, the workers of the NoorPlast Company, did not have a year’s salary, no insurance premium, and had been fired from work. We have refereed to all relevant authorities, but we did not receive any response. God alone is left for us and nothing else. If the authorities have not seen us, at least they will see this banner and get our right back from these foolish leeches and bad guys.”

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