Various protests held by people across Iran on February 10, 2018

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Various protests have been held by people across Iran on February 10, 2018

In Abhar – Following the protests of the looted people by Caspian Credit Institute in Abhar, on Feb. 8th, today, on Saturday, February 10, in fear of the protesting investors, who have been demanding the return of their deposits, of throwing tomatoes and eggs into the building, the head of the Caspian Branch in Abhar, lowered down the shutters of the Caspian Branch while employees were inside the building.

In Tehran – on Saturday, February 10, vendors of District 15 in Tehran gathered in front of the municipality of district 15 in protest to the closing of the day market.

In South Rudbar – Following the collapse of the Iranian toman currency versus the dollar, the people of the southern Rudbar south in Kerman, invaded the National Bank of the city to withdraw their money from the bank on Friday, February 10.

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