Teachers stage protest in Tehran, Iran demanding their 4 month delayed salaries

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On Saturday, February 10, 2018, contractual teachers staged a protest in Tehran in protest against their 4 months of delayed salaries.

The protesting contractual teachers stated that they had received only one month’s salary of the five months from the new school year and still did not receive a response to their other claims.

Contractual teachers with a monthly salary of 800 thousand tomans (216.36 USD) have not received 4 months of their salaries. This has left them with many problems in their everyday life, which has led to an increase in teachers’ protests across Iran.

Recruiting contract teachers certainly serves the objective to reduce the costs and to expand rapidly enrolments in primary and secondary schools but it can also be a response to urgent schooling needs such as providing teachers to students in remote rural areas, in ethnic minorities or in post-conflict areas where no teachers are available.

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