Protesting victims of Caspian Credit Institute Looting shatter glass of Institute’s Branch in Vakil Abad

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Investors of the Caspian Credit Institute, who are furious about the looting and plundering their property, broke the door glass of the Institute’s Branch in Vakil Abad, Mashhad on Friday night, February 8th.

The Caspian Institute, one of the financial credit institutions established the Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran, has begun working with the central bank licensed under the Iranian regime. These institutes have plundered billions of dollars from the people’s capital.

Since August 2017, many protests and gatherings have been held across various cities of Iran in protest against the robbery and plunder by the Institute. So far, not only have investors not been given the answer to their demands, but the plundered people have repeatedly been attacked by the security forces and the police.

The protests by looted people are continuing and the plundered people have announced that they will not stop gathering and protesting until they reach their rightful demands.

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