Protest gathering by owners of agricultural wells in Rafsanjan, Iran

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The owners of the agricultural wells in Rezvan Kamal Abad-e-Noqag held a protest in front of the Rafsanjan governorate on Saturday February 10, protesting the closure of the wells in Rafsanjan, Kerman Province.

Kamalabad is a village in the Ferdows suburb section of Rafsanjan city in Kerman province, Iran. The village is located in Rezvan village with a population of 200 people (46 households).

According to media reports, the complete drying of the village’s water and drought and dehydration over the past few years have caused heavy damage to agriculture and the economic situation of the people in the village. One of the main demands of the people of Kamalabad village is the transfer of water for drinking and the restoration of the village’s aqueducts. So far, not only have they not been given a response, but according to Bahman Mansour Sotoudeh, the managing director of the regional water company In Hamadan province, on February 7, 2018, 4,400 unauthorized wells were sealed in Hamedan province. This has aggravated the problems of farmers in the area and caused them to protest.

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