Protest gathering of looted people in front of parliament in Tehran, Iran

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According to previous announcements, Saturday morning at 10 am February 10, a group of people were scheduled to gather in front of the Iranian parliament in Tehran and meet with the clerical parliamentarian, Pejhmanfar.

This gathering was held at the specified time. After gathering and speaking to Pejhmanfar, the people who had been looted by credit banks and institutes acknowledged the ineffectiveness of such visits and said:
“We did not see any good from any ayatollahs and this was just a Hojatoleslam!”

The protesting people stated: “We are depositors whose property has been plundered and have fallen asleep, and we do not hear that we can only reach our goal and our rights through the gatherings and protests, and that there is no other way but this. Unless we have a protest rally, our officials will not pay our money at all.”

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